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About Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi is the founder of Alpha Investor — a newsletter with more than 200,000 subscribers seeking his in-depth financial insights. He also hosts his podcast, The Charles Mizrahi Show, and is a regular Newsmax columnist.

After a nearly four-decade-long career in which he was ranked No. 1 by Barron’s, Charles left Wall Street to focus on putting investing power in the hands of everyday Americans. That’s the subject of his new book, Wall Street Profits for Main Street Investors.

Charles is regularly featured in The Washington Times, The Daily Wire, The Stream, One America News Network, Real America’s Voice, Mike Huckabee on TBN, Daystar TV, Dove TV and on radio stations nationwide. 

About Charles’ New Book

In today’s political and economic environment, uncertainty is the only certainty…

  • According to a poll by HarrisX and Banyan Hill Publishing, nearly 60% of Americans worry that their finances are actually impacting their mental health.
  • About 41% reveal that the pandemic era has made it harder for them to reach their financial goals.
  • And a whopping 63% don’t believe that their savings and investments are sufficient to support their retirements.

That’s where Charles Mizrahi comes in.

After leaving behind a successful, nearly 40-year Wall Street career, Charles has made it his mission to help Main Street investors achieve success — by making investing simple and profits inevitable.

Through his Alpha Investor newsletter, Charles’ insights have helped teachers, factory workers, police officers and so many others to invest successfully over the long run.

And now, Charles has released his brand-new book: Wall Street Profits for Main Street Investors. In it, he lays out his time-tested investing approach to cut through the chaos and noise of Wall Street.

For example, it includes insights such as…

  • Three critical factors every stock needs to have when considering it.
  • A four-word phrase that can help keep investors focused.
  • And why proactive, regular trading often creates the opposite effect investors are looking for.

Wall Street Profits for Main Street Investors can help Americans achieve financial peace of mind, no matter what the markets or the future may bring. And it’s available exclusively by clicking right here.

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About The Charles Mizrahi Show

In The Charles Mizrahi Show, Charles focuses on in-depth interviews with guests who share their own unique, often never-before-told American dream stories.

And so far on the show, Charles has featured…

  • Political commentators such as Dennis Prager, Governor Mike Huckabee and Ambassador John Bolton.
  • Military heroes like Mark Geist, Navy SEAL Jonathan Gilliam and General Mari Eder.
  • Business leaders such as Newsmax founder Chris Ruddy, former CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder and former Honeywell CEO Dave Cote.
  • And bestselling authors like Walter Isaacson, Robert Hagstrom and Bill McClay.

With guests like these, Charles’ insightful podcast is currently trending toward Top 25 status in its category on Apple. 

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