You Don’t Make Money JUST by Working Hard

You Don’t Make Money JUST by Working Hard

You Don’t Make Money JUST by Working Hard

I felt like I’d won the lottery.

I had just turned 14 years old and gotten my first summer job. A local restaurant hired me as a busboy. For every hour I worked at that restaurant, I’d make $2.33 — the minimum wage in 1977.

It was a job not many my age wanted to do. But I didn’t care. I was finally going to make my own money.

One summer afternoon, I’d cleaned all the tables and mopped the floor. And business was slow, so I pulled up a chair to take a five-minute rest.

That’s when one of the waiters quickly came over to whisper in my ear, “The boss is coming. You’d better look busy, or else you’re outta here.”

I jumped up from my seat and started to wipe an already clean table. From that day on, I never took a moment’s break. Instead, I always was looking for something to do.

Even at that age, I believed always being busy and working hard would equal success. I believed in the American dream.

And I still do.

But there’s more to making money than just hard work…

You Need a Strategy That Works

Hard work and intellect will only get you so far in the markets.

You need a time-tested approach backed by experience to make money in stocks. By helping you take your emotions out of play, it’ll give you the patience you need to let your nest egg grow.

That’s why I walked away from a successful, nearly 40-year Wall Street career.

I know the value of a hard-earned dollar. So, I’ve made it my mission to help hard working Main Street Americans just like you reclaim their financial futures and dreams.

And I’ve created a simple approach to stick to. I call it my Alpha-3 Approach.

I look for companies with three things: growing industries, rock star leadership and undervalued businesses.

Put simply, it’s buying great companies at bargain prices. Then, you sit back and wait for them to rise 100%, 200% and even 300% or more in the years ahead.

That’s the path to powering your retirement and American dream.

I’ve been working to share this path through the American Prosperity Summit. I sat down — on camera — with an investor who was finally ready to reclaim their independence. I showed her how my approach can be simple, profitable and fun.

Check out our conversation here.

Charles Mizrahi
Charles Mizrahi

Editor, Alpha Investor Report