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Annie Stevenson

Annie Stevenson,  Managing Editor of American Investor Today


You’ve taken the first step toward financial intelligence and wealth.

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I’m excited that you’ve decided to come along on the journey to financial freedom.

Until now, you’ve really only had two choices when it comes to investing your money.

Choice 1: You hire a financial adviser who lends the same, plain vanilla advice to all his clients and charges you fees for every transaction. At best, you’ll make a measly return that barely covers your fees and taxes.

Choice 2: You opt to invest on your own. Hours of research learning how to read stock charts and place different kinds of trade orders.

Neither one of these options have great profit potential. And both are extremely dangerous when playing with your hard-earned money.

Banyan Hill Publishing gives you a third choice. A better choice.

We give you the chance to tap into the minds of some of the industry’s leading financial analysts and stock experts, and even look over their shoulder to see what they’re doing to take control of their financial destiny.

Our experts have managed hedge funds, counseled presidents and world leaders, written bestselling financial books, and helped millions take control of their financial destiny. And starting today, you now have direct access to them.

In the coming days, you will begin receiving daily “e-letters” as part of our American Investor Today email series.

These letters will introduce you to our esteemed experts, provide actionable tips and recommendations that could put thousands of dollars back in your pocket, and help you make sense of this crazy financial world we live in.

By subscribing to our expert research, you’ll come out leaps and bounds ahead of your peers … amass new fortunes … discover secret wealth-building strategies … and reclaim your financial future.

With that said, welcome to Banyan Hill Publishing! I look forward to helping set you on a path to a rich and prosperous future.

In the meantime, please watch the welcome video below.

It will tell you a little bit about who we are, what our mission is, and how we’re going to give you a leg up on your investments in the days ahead.

Happy Investing,

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Annie Stevenson
Managing Editor, American Investor Today